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Silly Uff Das Arrived in UFF DA Store

Much water have passed the bridge since the first Uff Das arrived in a CircusValley store.

I have now brushed dust of the ones I archived back in 2009 and they will be available one by one in the UFF DA Store. You find the store in the top nav bar. Product range is from t-shirts and tops to window curtains and sun dresses.

Modern Art Abstract Pink City Medea Vest Dress

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CircusValley Store

uff da license plate Uff Da Store A work in progress. Always moving forward, sometimes fast other times slow as a snail. That is life.

Christmas Countdown

Spring cleaning when the light start to show off the cob web built during a long winter is nothing compared to the cleaning one need to do on a server after the account or web site have had unwanted visitors leaving trash you need to clean up.

Never Say Never

When the web site got hacked and I realised that I had to rebuild everything I freaked out.

CVV Vectangles


Window Curtains