Facebook and Multiple Language Option

EDIT: Had to edit this post after investigating a bit further. Update on bottom of post.

A barrel of fun and possibly also a nice way of turning people off without actually trying to do so or ever finding out that you did.

  • Post in multiple languages
    On our business pages there is an option we can turn on allowing us to  “write post in multiple languages”, at least that was what I thought it ment. A bi-language friend had mentioned it earlier and I thought it would be a nice thing to try out since I wrote Norwegian on this web page, and since I write Norwegian far better than I write English.
    It would be a neat way to allow feeds to go through the FB universe in a language that targeted just the people I wanted to reach with as little grammar errors as possible.And I did turn that option on – you find it in the page settings. I used the language I know best, Norwegian, and did hit the + button that said “post in multiple language”
    Post in multiple languages
    I thought it wanted me to translate what I just had written and that I could add the correct text under the original post, aka translate myself.


Yeah. FB – the king of auto everything.

I forgot that FB do know best.
Nope. It did not let me write, it translated the text for me when I selected English.
I am so glad that I am not trigger happy and that I did not push publish/post without reading the translated text.

The text translation made by FB sure had power enough to get any midi size business thrown out of FB and boycotted by shoppers worldwide.

I must be daft. Facebook do always know best. It knows

  • what updates from friends I would benefit by seeing and what friends I do not need to see updates from
  • when to get notification and from who

So why on earth could I think that the “post in multiple language” would be different.

Guess what, I did turn that option off. Pissing off people is something I can do without FB helping me do so.

NB: If you just arrived and you are employed by the Grammar Police – have a nice day – I love you too, or was it three.

Update: To ruin the fun for all, or at least me. It is an option to click on the auto text and replace it with text of your own before you post. If that corrected text will shop up instead of the auto suggestion FB had for you is not clear but…….

CVAr0046 Doodelidei

From the Doodelidei Collection


Her har fantasien blitt sluppet løs og krusedullene flyter lekent omkring. Fargen er en blanding mellom brun og bronze. Jeg synes de ble riktig fine, men…………. så er jeg jo litt partisk siden det er jeg som har designet de.

Kjolen og veskene finner du –> Doodelidei
Skoene finner du —> Artsadd Doodelidei by CircusValley

Om du klikker på den helt øverste linken vil du finne flere  doodle tegninger/ kruseduller som ligner litt på det jeg har postet her. Mix & Match
Puter, gardiner, m.m.

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