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Week 12: Leaf and Feather Cane

This week I really had to challenge myself to get things done. I had never made a leaf or feather cane so after giving the tutorials a close look I just had to jump into it. The leaves are tiny, these canes are reduced to the size they will have in finished projects. When making them I was sure that they would turn into a muddy mess since they are made with a lot of randomness baked into them.

The feather cane is not reduced to correct size and I have to stretch it a bit. Quite pleased by how it turned out. My first. Not sure what to use it for. If it had not been for the 52 Week Cane project I would probably never made a Skinner blend feather cane like this one.


Week 3 Mosaic Cane

In the 52 weekly cane project I have by now made 5 different canes. A simple jelly roll/spiral, a Skinner blend cane, a leopard skin cane, a lace cane and a mosaic cane.  I still got 6 canes to make in order to catch up. The lace cane ended up as a tiny dragon since it looked like dragon scales and the green Skinner blend ended up as scraps when I tried to make a leaf cane. It was so tiny that the details did just look like mush.

I posted the leopard skin cane yesterday and here you can view the mosaic cane.

Photo is taken using a cheap cell phone camera in bad light conditions.

I could not resist playing with the image and I sure liked what I made in my graphic program better than this photo.

Seamless tiling patterns I can use for bags, bedding, curtains and more.
Will play with them today and post links to the products when ready.



Week 6 Leopard Cane

As a part of the 52 weekly cane project I am going to make 52 new canes this year. For week 6 I made a leopard pattern polymer clay cane. The beads are made of the scrap you get at the ends of the cane.

I think that this cane will end up as a couple of earring/necklace and some small beads. Maybe I will try to make a lil leopard at a later point but for now I am just happy that I managed to get this one photographed and ready to show off.