Vectangle Tutorials

Vectangles: How 4

If you use the line/pen tool you can use those shapes as vectangles or you can fill vectangles inside them.

The first time you try to make a vectangle it can look like it is something that you never will get used to do, and not something that is relazing at all. But after you let go of the need to controll the outcome, when you just let the shapes or lines land where they want without you fuzzing about alignment and stuff like that the magix will start to unfold on the screen on your computer. It is possible to draw pretty patterns with the use of your mouse. Just fire up your graphic software and try.

Vector Droodles

As good name as any other for the small artworks, but vectangles got my vote.

Vectangle Challenge

Diane & Caroliens Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Go Shopping

If everything else fails, have a look at or . Coloring books can be as relaxing. Remember crayons.