Vectangle Tutorials

Vectangles: Challenge

If you have made a vectangle and want to share it - feel free to post it at the wall of the CircusValley Gazette at Facebook

The curtain posted as an illustration on how a vectangle can end up looking is from the --- Vectangle Starbubbles collection ---

Curtains and Shower curtains, pillows and duvet covers do look very nice with this design on. Stars and bubbles, slanted lines. A calm but also festive design that can fit into most bedrooms, both for adults and kids. Stars in two shades of yellow, spread out in an uneven whimsical fashion on slanted lines. Bubbles on the other half, 3 matching colors inside them give you many options on what to chose for the other items you decorate the room in.

Vectangles on Shower Curtains

Pretty vectangles do not have to be stuck at the computer collecting dust, they can be used on home decor items or clothes. Or maybe posted at your web site with a cute text. Have fun.

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Diane & Caroliens Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Go Shopping

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