Sometimes it can be really fun to just play with shapes and colors, letting the pen play across the paper with no other purpose than to watch what happens and give the brain someting to do while still being able to rest. It sure do pile paper up if you do a lot of it, not all of the doodles will be useful for making something out of so…………..
I have played with something I wanted to give the name Vectangles due to using a vector based software to make my vector doodles. Now you do your “drawing” in your graphic software, save the files you are happy with and just delete the ones you do not like. Saves a lot of paper. And here I share a short intro with you.

Vectangles - Introduction

Similar to doodling and Zentangles, only it is done with simple lines and vector shapes. Circles, lines, squares, even letters can be used. Combination of shapes also.

Vectangles - who?

Who? Graphical artists and illustrators who are familiar with graphic software that uses vector for drawing shapes and lines.

Vectangles Why?

Why? Same reason as the pen and paper version, to relax and let the mind wanter while the fingers are occupied with repeating simple patterns all over the workspace/artboard/digital canvas.

Vectangles Where?

Vectangles can be played with everywhere you can sit down quitetly and fire up your software, When you have the basic steps in your fingers you can do it almost any time anywhere.

Vectangle Challenge Tutorial

Ready for a challenge? #1 less is more.
Pick 3 shapes of line patterns. Make a vectangle out of them. Let it have 6 containers of various sizes. 6 “rooms” you can fill with patterns/shapes. No thinking, just doing.

Vectangle challenge How 2

Pick a new shape or draw a line. Copy and paste, move, repeat. No thinking, just doing.

Vectangles How 3

Pick a new shape or draw a line. Copy and paste, move, repeat. No thinking, just doing.

Vectangle How to 4

If you chose to use the pen tool you can make soft shapes to fill.
Copy and paste, move, repeat. No thinking, just doing.

—– You can save the file and continue on it whenever you want, fill the shapes with colors, adjust the patterns you feel need an extra touch of ……………. the sky is the limit. And for the ones you are very happy with – you can use the artwork you created on a POD of your choice. But first. No thinking, just doing.