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My designs can be found at
Zazzle: EML at CircusValley

Society6: EML CircusValley at Society6

At Zazzle you have the opportunity to make a really nice personalized twist on most of the designs. Color changes, add text, shrink an image, replace an image with your own. The possibilities are really mind boggeling.
If you find a pillow with a design you love, and have a friend who loves puppies or flowers, you can add their name onto the pillow easily. Or any other text, within legal limits of course 🙂

At Society6 you find matching sets for your home. Curtains, pillows and rugs can all have the same pattern. Or for some of my designs I got several colors on the same or similar pattern so you can mix and match. Look for the collections.

CUSTOM colors.
Some of the artwork and patterns cannot change color, while others I can in some cases help you.
Design Changes
At CircusValley Zazzle you can do a lot yourself to make any of the designs I have made special and unique.
At Society6 the designs cannot be changed online. Some of the designs I can change up a bit, while other designs have no option for that because I can not do it or will not do it. Art is art. Patterns are different 🙂 but can be tricky depending on how I made them.

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