It’s OK to be Grumpy

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Just a small something to remind you about the fact that it is ok to be grumpy from time to time. Life happens.
About my selection of products for this post.
You can write down the reasons why you are grumpy on small pieces of paper and keep them in the clear acrylic box.
When the year is over, or whenever you feel like it, you can empty this directly into the trash and just start over, or you can read the grumpyness and then throw them away.

It's OK to be Grumpy with a few exceptions Acrylic Box
The little notebook. If you chose to buy the acrylic box – this can be the source for your little grumpy paper pieces. Write down the reason why you are grumpy. Tear it out of the notebook and place the folded grumpyreport into the box. Or just write down whatever you want in this book, grumpyness or not. Great gift.
It's OK to be Grumpy with a few exceptions Notebook

When everything fails and you still are grumpy even you have tried all the tricks in the book to get you out of the grumpy state of mind, buy a pillow and rest your head on it. Also a great gift for grumpy friends and family.

It's OK to be Grumpy with a few exceptions Throw Pillow


Litt sur og grinete kan vi vel alle være innimellom, og det er helt greit. Om alle dagene kun var fylt med solskinn og breie glis ville vi nok antagelig ha kjedet oss ihjel. Til salgs – klikk deg inn i butikken for å se hva du finner der.