CVPA394 Mix and Match PINK Bed and Bath

Pink Pattern Bed and Bath CVPA394

CVPA394 Pink Decorative Patter...CVPA394 Pink Decorative Patter...CVPA394 Pink Decorative Patter...CVPA394 Pink Decorative Patter...

It can be nice to keep a theme or color scheme when decoration a bedroom or bathroom. In the CVPA394 collection you find patterns in the same color so you can mix and match. The patterns are available both in shades of pink, a dark green and a deep yellow. You find throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, curtains, rugs and more in the bed and bath collection and furniture, mugs, rugs and more in the home and clothes collection.

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Whimsical Birds and Monsters Abstract Doodle Art CVA399

CVA399 1 Whimsical Bird with top hat doodles Framed Canvas

CVA399 1CVA399 4CVA399 1

Fun water color doodle birds with black top hats. Available on a wide range of home decor items. –>Go Shopping.

Her har designeren latt fantasien få spinne fritt når vannfargene ble tatt frem. Små bomsete fugler med hatter på. En av artene har svarte flosshatter og den andre en sixpence. Hovedfargene er blå, grønn og fiolett/purpur. Disse fuglene finner du på flere forskjellige produkt. På bildet her ser du de som et innrammet bilde, en ryggsekk/dagsekk, en pute og en badematte og om du klikker på linken så finner du gardiner, krus, klær m.m. der disse søtingene spiller hovedrollen som dekor.

I denne kolleksjonen dukker det også opp noen små monster. Søte de også.

March To Your Own Drummer

March To Your Own Drummer Raise from the Ashes Wall Hanging

A photo collage artwork made out of ephemera that were added into a junk journal and used as gift tags.  You can spot paper feathers, scrap paper notepads, altered paper clips with notepad inside and more. Image got itself a real inking up so it looks like it is covered with dust and spots of ink. At the bottom, kind of in the middle, you find the tuck spot pocket that gave this artwork it’s name – March to your own drummer.

In the store you can find this artwork on framed canvas and other items. —> March To Your Own Drummer


Abstract Acid Circle Art: Bed and Bathroom CVA400

CVA379 Stapled Together Quick Fix Faux Stitched together

Bold and decorative, abstract. Some may say the ovals in the upper part of the image looks like a heart, but………… well, what it is is up to the viewer. This design is one of the details from a vectangle session where small parts were made, copied and moved around – and this one did not fit into the tangle pattern I made so I saved it and worked on it at a later point. Usually the vectangles end up as patterns to use for something but some of it end up like this one. You can find it on a few products like pillows and art prints but it do not lend itself easily to nice curtains so i skipped making them. You can view the available products with this criss cross digital stapled and sewn color block design. Or/and you can read more about my Vectangles and the Vectangle art challenge. Link under.

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Yoga Mats

When you love yoga you can not avoid wearing out your yoga mat. Here I have for you a whole bunch of yoga mats with Bright colors and festive patterns. As for now they are exclusively for sale in my shop on Society6. –>CV Home Decor

What about a new pair of leggings? New designs and patterns arrives in the shop every day so visit the shop and make sure you bookmark it, or bookmark this page as the image slider gets updated with the newest as soon as they hit the shop. Remember, these leggings do not spend time on a dusty shelf. They get printed as soon as you buy them.

Who say that you can not wear art? It is possible. Visit the shop and see for yourself.

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Bath Maths Towels  View more Shower Curtains

A wide variety of styles and lot of different colors for your bathroom. Lot of pink/purple and patterns in green, vivid almost neon colored shower curtain and towel sets, more elegant and classic patterns and fun weird animals. Over the next days I will try to make pages to show off some of them here but if you are looking for something that not everyone got – feel free to visit my Society6 shop and View more — >Shower Curtains

Minimalistic Retro Monochrome Wall Art Flower and Candle

Red and White Christmas Canvas Wall art

Red and White Christmas Canvas Wall art
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Black and White Christmas Canvas Wall art

Black and White Christmas Canvas Wall art
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Elegant and peacefull. A single flower tucked behind a lit candle. Monochrome. Clean motif with few details. Something to let the eyes rest on when clearing ones thoughts.

Premium Giclee wrapped canvas. Additive-free cotton-poly blend acid-free archival paper. Frame thickness and number of panels can be changed by the customer. Same for the monochrome background.

Beach Towels

CVA 398 Patterns Shades of Blue 1 Beach TowelKal07747 10 Beach TowelCheckered Pattern Modern Retro Yellow Blue White Beach TowelCVC Daisy Beach Towel
CVA399 7 Whimsical Bird Doodles Beach TowelShapes Messy Organized Teal Tan Yellow Beach TowelCVA 398 Patterns Shades of Blue 7 Beach TowelVarg Sigvald Beach Towel

Et lite utvalg av håndklær i blåtoner, og mange flere finner du i håndkle avdelingen i butikken. De fleste av disse kan du bare få kjøpt i denne butikken. Noen er små kunstverk, fungerer som lerret. Andre har klassiske mønster om enn kanskje i farger du ikke finner andre steder. Nye legges til i butikken ukentlig.

Beach towels, do not leave home without one if the sun is shining and you plan on going anywere near a swimming pool or beach.

It is so not fun when all you want to do is dip more than just your bare toes into the water but the lack of something you can use to get dry after the bath is ……………… these bath towels are made to grab the attention of any man or woman. Some of them got bold lines and bright colors that make them stand out like a sore thumb. Others got a more classic pattern, gingham, chevron or pretty and cute small hearts.